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Are 5 Watt Tube Amps Loud Enough to Gig?

Low wattage tube amps known as both ‘lunchbox amps’ and ‘compact combos’ are continuing to climb in popularity among bedroom guitarists. The common question with these amps, however, is “how loud are they?” and what applications can they be used for a bedroom and gigging guitarist? With my experience with these amps, I […]

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Les Paul or Strat? Which is Easier to Play?

Experienced players have always compared and debated the playability of the Les Paul and Stratocaster. The words that come to mind with these noble axes are: ‘famous’ ‘iconic’ and ‘legendary!’ Their reputation and status go before them, yet they differ from one another in many ways: tone, looks, feel, playability, […]

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Where to Place Volume Pedal for Swells

With the abundance of great techniques when playing the electric guitar. An underutilized and fun technique is manipulating a volume pedal after string attack for creating ‘ambient’ and ‘spacey’ sounding swells. So where does the volume pedal go on your pedalboard for ambient swells? Is there an optimal position in the effects […]