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Why Guitar Pickups Are Angled (The Quick Guide)

Ever noticed that some guitar pickups are not entirely straight? Take the Stratocaster‌ and Telecaster for example, the pickup lowest to the bridge (bridge pickup) is slightly angled compared to the other pickups. But why? Is it a cosmetic reason or is there an actual function to this detail? Well, […]

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7 Reasons Why A Les Paul Can Play Metal

The Les Paul is arguably one of the most iconic guitars to ever embrace the world. It’s historic, iconic and fully deserves its legendary status. For this reason alone, it’s a popular guitar of choice for guitar players in all corners of musical genres and playing styles. With that said, […]

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Do Guitar Picks Wear Out (The Quick Guide)

In modern times guitar brands have gone super fancy with guitar pick design. Everything including shape, convex, playability and how materials can affect your guitar’s tone. The guitar pick has certainly changed over the years but what about durability? Plus can certain plectrum materials last longer than others? Well In […]