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How to Create Awesome Guitar Videos for YouTube

Uploading guitar videos to the vast video web of YouTube can be a very satisfying hobby. With that said, many guitar YouTubers make a full-time living creating, entertaining and informing the web with everything music and guitar! Whatever your content maybe? Cover videos, teaching tutorials, reviewing the latest gear, or rambling […]

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How to Diagnose Your Amps Bad Tube

Nothing beats the true analog sound of a cranked tube amp! That feeling when the ‘sweet spot’ is unearthed, and the tubes are creating witchcraft, belting out warm saturated tones when all of a sudden… something goes ‘pop’ and things don’t sound quite right anymore! The problem is, not many […]

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What are P90 Pickups Good For?

There is some debate when it comes to pickups and playing style, especially when it comes to the P90. Many guitarists have their own opinion what style of music this pickup is best suited for. How Do They Sound? The P90 sound is known for being bright and thick, it’s […]

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How to Record Metal Guitar at Home

Sculpting a heavy and tight metal tone for recording takes some learning and practice. In this post, we’re going to learn how the pro musicians record their metal guitars, just without the racks of expensive gear! This article is aimed at the topic of hardware, software and recording tips you beginner […]