Product Reviews

Are Locking Tuners Worth Buying? 9 Things to Know

When searching for the tricks and tools to sharpen your guitars tuning stability. Allowing it to stay in tune for longer, making it an overall easier and less frustrating instrument to play. Locking tuners are certainly an option for upgrading the tuning performance on any electric guitar. However, before rushing […]

5 Killer Reverb Pedals for Blues Guitar (Review)

Reverb is an essential tool for complimenting any blues tone. Why is this? A tone with a natural and smooth reverb alongside a slow soulful ballad, adds texture bringing: feel, depth, and expression. The main ingredients that go hand in hand when playing all types of blues. It’s pretty obvious, but no blues […]

4 Awesome Marshall Amplifiers For Home Use (Review)

Marshall is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable amplifier brands on the planet. So what made them so famous? Their classic rock ‘British crunch’ tones of course! It served many legendary guitarists discover their unique sound. Many 70s and 80s rock bands have Marshall’s signature tone immortalized on many famous […]

7 Solid State Amps for Jazz Guitar (Review)

Since learning how to play jazz guitar, nailing the correct sound takes more than just the right guitar and amp combination. With that said, the right gear will assist in acquiring that smooth and silky jazz tone all the experienced players have. What Defines The Jazz Tone? When it comes […]

Best Budget USB Audio Interfaces for Recording Guitar

A professional and high-quality audio interface is the backbone of your guitar recordings and mixing endeavors, no matter what level of producer you are! The purpose of a professional sound card is to ensure your guitar’s signal is captured as clear and transparent as possible excluding any latency within your […]