Where to Place Volume Pedal for Swells

With the abundance of great techniques when playing the electric guitar. An underutilized and fun technique is manipulating a volume pedal after string attack for creating ‘ambient’ and ‘spacey’ sounding swells. So where does the volume pedal go on your pedalboard for ambient swells? Is there an optimal position in the effects chain? Let’s dive right in… […]

Amp Distortion vs. Pedal Distortion (Gain Compared)

Glorious gain and sweet distortion are the bread and butter of your guitar tone. Interestingly, some players say it makes up 80% of your sound! Especially when gain matters in musical genres such as metal and rock. However, is there a big difference between distortion from a pedal or using the distortion from an amp. […]

The 8 Best Distortion Pedals for Metal (Ultimate Review)

Glorious ‘gain’ and sweet ‘distortion’ is the pillar and foundation when sculpting a killer metal guitar tone. Little stompboxes and distortion pedals are at the height of popularity and at the forefront of any metal player’s pedalboard.   In this post, let’s take a look at the 8 best distortion pedals for metal accommodating for all […]

The 7 Best Multi-Effects Pedals for Acoustic Guitar

Multi-effects pedals are a crucial tool for any acoustic player who performs live. Multi-Effects units designed specifically for acoustic guitars help replicate the organic and authentic sound of an acoustic while containing important effects and features. They help banish the flat and lifeless piezo pickup tone which is standard when you connect an acoustic directly […]

How to Connect Guitar Pedals to Your Audio Interface

Do you want to record your effect pedals direct using your audio interface? But not sure how to go about it? This post is a how-to guide on setting up your guitar pedals or multi-effects with an audio interface and DAW for recording. Whether it’s to record your entire pedalboard? Or to add your favorite […]

The 8 Best Guitar Pedals Every Jazz Player Must Own

Do you want to know the usual guitar effects in a jazz player’s pedalboard? In this article, I will offer you my selection of awesome guitar pedals ideal for any jazz player. Whether it’s traditional, fusion, or anything else, you name it and this post has you covered! Let’s unwrap this post… The best and […]